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Joint Contractors and Traders Management ensures and values the safety, health, and environmental aspects at the highest levels while recruiting technical and non-technical workforces’. All staff at JCT are bound to attend in-house safety, firefighting, and environment protection training that include first aid and equipment suitable for any hazardous activities.

All the tools and equipment are properly calibrated and frequently maintained at a specified time. The training records of the staff are regularly sustained and professional training courses have been provided with the latest knowledge related to the field.

JCT views is the most important integrated accident prevention and safety program for all of the company’s projects. The company developed this security program using a set of standards, procedures, and guidelines.

This program enables JCT and its employees to recognize the following benefits: 

Prevention of human losses

Financial benefits

Avoidance of physical disruption of any substantial delays in the completion of projects

Reduction of construction and insurance costs

Additionally, the company encourages all employees to play an active role in the continuous implementation of workplace safety practices. It is the responsibility of all project managers, supervisors, safety officers, and everyone involved to read, understand and implement these policies. JCT has established a safety strategy and connected it at all levels to ensure safe practices are followed at all company sites.